In upstate New York circa 2001, two young musicians met at a summer conservatory and planted the seeds to pay their good fortune forward as adults. In 2013, TNSMF began as a small nonprofit festival in Nashville with 23 students and in five short years has grown to into a multitude of year-round programs & consultancies serving students, parents, teachers, government, nonprofit organizations, private/charter/public schools, universities, grant-making foundations, and corporate foundations.

TNSMF is made up of a network of educators from around the world who have worked together as colleagues, teachers & students, actors & directors, musicians & conductors. Many of our younger faculty & administration were taught by our veteran faculty members in places like Manhattan School of Music, Vanderbilt University, Berklee College of Music, Northwestern University, University of Florida, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Indiana University, Lee University, Belmont University.

Our students are often the children of symphony musicians, grammy winners, and household names in the music industry, as well as the children of accountants, civil servants, contractors, retail employees — music brings everyone together regardless of their background. Music is at the forefront of our students’ lives, and is the vehicle through which they can develop self-confidence, a sense of value and worth, and build skills as courageous, independent, self-reliant young adults. Our students go on to attend nationally top ranked colleges & universities, and more importantly lead lives of purpose, creativity, integrity, and vivacity. It never ceases to amaze us how successful our students are in college and beyond; by then they have built the skills to thrive and lead their peers in both musical and nonmusical environments.