Some Favorite Choir Warm Ups & Vocal Exercises

Tony Leach / Choir Master goes through his entire warm-up routine. May seem silly to watch him demonstrate a full warm-up routine in front of a silent room, but this is an impressive feat in and of itself. Steal every moment.

Indianapolis Children’s Choir / Great large ensemble routine that gets a room full of singers ready to perform.

Ian Jefferson / Exercises & Perspectives on blend & texture

Perpetuum Jazzile / Really fun exercise to work on dynamics, inflection, and navigating chest voice, resonating chamber, and nasal cavity. This is all about exploring vocal effects to match the sounds you hear.

James Jordan / Kinesthetic Warm-Ups & Exercises that may take multiple viewings and some note taking to really get the most out of it, but a lot to be gleaned from this.

Elizabeth Scott / Sound Production + Kinesthetic Exercises

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