Tennessee Summer Music Festival

The summer home for Tennessee’s most creative young artists.



June 8 - 15, 2019

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Summer 2019 Application
*Available now!

TNSMF Applications will open on January 4 and we will be accepting 100 students for the 2019 season. If you are interested in applying please let us know so we can include you in our updates.

Admissions results
*March 1 - May 1, 2019

Our panel of educators, musicians, and art advocates from around the state of TN review each application individually and will decide who is admitted.

Festival Commencement
*Saturday, June 8 @ 12:00pm

TNSMF students will check in on June 8th at 12:00pm. Each student will be provided copious information in advance of the festival so they know exactly where to go.


What is TNSMF?

Tennessee Summer Music Festival brings together the 100 most talented, intelligent, creative, and hardworking young musicians in the state, for an intense week of rehearsal, skill building, master classes, and performance under the direction of world-class professional performers, educators, and arts administrators. Our curriculum & ensembles are intended to prepare Tennessee’s finest young artists with the tools to exceed their own creative potential in the pursuit of college and beyond. Instruction is provided in the following areas: choir, wind ensemble, musical theatre, strings, brass, percussion, woodwind, solo voice, opera, guitar, jazz, improvisation, pop, composition & songwriting, conducting, music theory, ear training, music history, and chamber ensembles. Students will also build a repertoire of music and performance practices for use in college/conservatory auditions or in-school auditions for things like musical theater productions and ensemble chair placement. Our 2019 season will be hosted at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

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A life changing week of music

Admitted students will curate their schedule of courses & ensembles with our program coordinators and/or executive director soon after notification of acceptance of your child’s application to TNSMF, in lieu of selecting a major course of study. It is our intention to guide all students towards being the most versatile musicians they can be, and we highly encourage students to utilize their versatile skills in the pursuit of the areas or genres that they are most passionate about. All students will be placed in a music theory class appropriate to their level via a diagnostic theory assessment on TNSMF’s registration day.


Meet people just like you

Our students come from all around the state and greater southeastern US region to study with world class musicians from New York, Chicago, Michigan, Florida, California, Cincinnati, Nashville, and Boston. TNSMF students are selected based solely on their ability and interest in music. Students attend from nearly every county in the state, and are the leaders in their schools & communities. Many are the leads in their school shows, the songwriter in the school cafeteria, and top chair in All State, All-West, All-East, Midstate, and in their local youth orchestras. Aside from great musical potential, our students are incredibly hilarious, kind, and creative young people.


Join us this summer!

This program was created to change the life of each person who comes to us by providing the tools and inspiration to pursue lifelong learning, creativity, and self-reliance. Contact us with questions or if you require more information specific to your child.

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